This Bengaluru Company Has Announced 30-Minute Nap Break For Employees

Who doesn’t want a short power nap during working hours to boost work efficiency? A long-standing request of such employees has now come true. A Bengaluru start-up has officially announced a 30-minute power nap for its employees during the workday.

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It’s common to feel sleepy during work hours. We would be lying if we denied this fact. However, unlike Japan, the ‘nap-culture’ is not that well known in the country, so when a Bengaluru startup shared a post about making it official, netizens were totally surprised.


A company named Wakefit solutions is now providing a 30-minute power nap for its employees during the workday. The company has taken to Twitter to announce the same and has received an incredible response.

Wakefit Solutions shared a post with two images detailing the ‘Right to Nap’ and the times when employees can nap.

According to this Tweet, the founder of Wakefit, Chaitanya Ramlingegowda sent an internal email to colleagues announcing that employees can now take a quick nap between 2 and 2.30 pm. The company has taken it upon itself as a task to ensure, that sleep balance is provided to the employees who have been complaining about this since time immemorial.


“We have been in the business of sleep for over six years now and yet have failed to do justice to a crucial aspect of rest – the afternoon nap. We have always taken naps seriously, but starting today, we will be taking things up a notch,” Chaitanya wrote in the mail.

“A NASA study reveals that a 26-minute catnap can enhance performance by 33%, while a Harvard study shows how naps prevent burnout,” he added.


The concept of powernap was initially provided for by the Kernel University which talked about how this ‘power’ sleep will freshen up the minds and provide more productivity as well. This move has been widely applauded by all.


The company is also working towards creating cozy nap pods and quiet rooms in the office to build the perfect nap environment for the employees, the company further wrote.

The post was highly admired by netizens. Many wrote about how important a nap is during work to prevent stress and burnout. Some also pointed out that the nap culture should be an important part of every company.