10 Awesome Things To Do In Belagavi – An Ideal Destination To Hit The Roads Less-Traveled

things to do in belgaum

Belgaum, also known as Belagavi is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, located in its northern part along the Western Ghats. Being one of the oldest cities in Karnataka, Belgaum is an ideal destination for any traveler who wants to hit the roads less traveled. Hilly terrain makes this place a must-visit destination for nature and adventure lovers. There are many sacred shrines in the vicinity. The greenery and waterfalls and the traces of history preserved in various corners of the city in the form of forts and structures will take you to an altogether different time zone.

10 Most Amazing Things To Do in Belgaum

1. Gokak Falls

The waterfall is six kilometers away from Gokak town. Belgaum has a number of waterfalls near the city making it a suitable place for trekking. Imagine yourself on a trek to reach the most splendid views of white waters gushing down the rocks. Trekking activities take place at Gokak Fall, Phanaswadi Waterfall, Sada Falls, Kalsa & Vajra Waterfall, and Shimbola Falls. .The monuments from the Chalukya era that are found on either bank of the rocky gorge. Another attraction of this place is the very old river-front temple dedicated to Lord Mahalingeshwara, built in the Later Chalukya style of architecture.

gokak falls

2. Military Mahadev Temple

Not many cities in the world have the country’s strong army’s name attached to places of worship. And they are wonderful places, especially the trees and the coconut orchard at Military Mahadev. Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the slayer of evil, in Hinduism. As per its name, this temple is owned and managed by the Indian Military of the Southern Command. It was built in the year 1954 and was opened to the public in 1955. This Shiva temple is a huge crowd puller and is visited by numerous devotees.

military Mahadev temple

3. Belgaum Fort

The fort, built with fine ramparts and a large moat, has a rich history with historical and religious monuments dated to the Adil Shahi dynasty. Belgaum Fort is Well planned architecture fort, which has a great historical experience with many reasons. It is the best place to know about history and was begun by Jaya Raya, also called Bichi Raja, an ally of the Ratta Dynasty, in the year 1204 AD. The place has undergone several renovations over the centuries under dynastic rulers of the region.

Belgaum Fort

4. Amboli Ghat

Amboli Ghat is a mountain pass in the Sahyadri. This ghat is one of the most beautiful ghats in India and the famous hill station of Amboli lies on this ghat. This ghat receives heavy rainfall and is surrounded by thick forest, waterfalls and beautiful natural landscape. Amboli is a hill station and for the people who seek refuge from humidity, heat, and roads full of traffic in the cities, this can be the best place to relax.

It’s also very famous for its biodiversity. You can experience various plants and animals here. There are many types of frogs, insects if you visit here in the rainy season. The best part is the waterfalls. There are many of them. The biggest one is very famous and certainly the best. You can go there, chill in the water and spend your time with your family or friends.

I’m sure you’re not gonna regret the money and the time spent. The local foods near the waterfalls are the icing on the cake. Having hot snacks and tea while you feel the chill is one of a kind experience.


5. Jamboti Hills

Jamboti Hills aka Jambooti Hills is a renowned travel attraction on the outskirts of Belgaum. It is a magnificent hill range that is an extension of the Western Ghats. It is a marvelous place where visitors, especially nature enthusiasts and venture aficionados visit frequently to this place and spend good quality time. These hills are a picture-perfect destination for spending some good quality time in the laps of nature. Drive to Jamboti hills from Belgaum is an absolute beauty. The road is traveled through the lush green forests and the beauty of rains in monsoon is a delight. It’s green everywhere and one can drive to the border of Karnataka-Goa with ease and all along what you find is greenery.


6. Rajhansgad Yellur Fort

This fort was originally built by the Ratt dynasty. Later during the reign of Adilshah, commander Asad Khan Lari built it by stones which gave the fort its current look. This fort has seen many rulers and 3 battles. The first battle was fought between the Peshwas and the Nawab of Savnur. Second battle between the Peshwas and Tipu Sultan. Third battle between the armies of Bhivgad and Rajhansgad. The entrance of the fort is in Gomukhi type. As we enter the fort we can see a temple dedicated to Lord Siddheshwar. It is about 15 km from the main city. You can visit this fort with family and friends. Spend some time in Shiva temple.


7. Kamal Basti

Once upon a time a celebrated seat of Jain philosophy, Belgaum is a gateway of temples which paints a story about ancient dynasties. Kamal Basadi is one such relic which was built in the early 12th century during the Ratta Dynasty. The name, ‘Kamal’ takes inspiration from the architecture of its dome which is shaped like a beautiful lotus. Out of its 72 petals, 24 pay respect to the last 24 Thirthankars and the remaining 48 are kept untouched for the future Jain prophets. The two pillars on either side of the ceiling have inscriptions in the historic Nagari script. Beautiful carvings on pillars and the roof are the highlights of this beautiful temple. A must visit the site in Belgaum.


8. Vajrapoha Falls

The sound of water mixes vice voice of birds and create a magical effect at this place. It is really amazing to be here. Situated about in the mountainous forest near village Jamboti. Situated in reserve forests of Bhimgad Wildlife sanctuary, one has to take permission before visiting falls. Get the feel of a real jungle. Don’t miss the big cat on the way, Mandovi River that flows to the beautiful Falls fall from 200 m. The place is a popular trekking destination for travelers.


9. Bhimgad Adventure Camp

The Bhimgad Adventure Camp, for instance, offers you accommodation plus trek, birdwatching, mountain biking, nature trails, etc. You can also enjoy climbing, abseiling, rope walk and bridge crossing near Khanapur Taluka Jungle Waterfall. If you get lucky, you may spot a couple of birds out of the species of Asian Koel, Grey Wagtail, Ashy Priniya, Bee Eater, Long Tailed Shrike, and many others.


10. Belagavi Sweets

Belagavi food is highly dominated by Karnataka’s Cuisine but it also has a tinge of Maharashtrian and Goan influence. Treat your taste buds at some local food stalls to experience the authentic taste of Belagavi cuisine but do not miss to eat Karadantu and Kunda which is a local sweet. Many tourists visit the city soon after the Monsoons, between late September and early October. A trip to this Sugar Bowl of Karnataka will surely be a sweet experience for you. If you do not wish to miss out the exclusive Belagavi experience plan a Belgaum tour now.


Nearby attractions: Rakaskop, Varapoha Falls, Naviltirtha, Kittur Fort, Redhills, Tillary, Ramkrishna mission ashram, Hidkal Dam, ST. Mary’s Church, Parasgad Fort, Asha Kiran Planetarium, Blucrafts.

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