Karnataka Floods: A 19 YO Belagavi Boxer Swims 2.5 Km To Attend A Contest In Bengaluru, Wins Silver Medal

North Karnataka has not gained any ease as the rain is still battering down leaving all the villages defaced by floods. Belagavi is one such section that is also witnessing worst flood-hit situations in the region. Amid all a young boy from a small village was surrounded by waters had to reach Bengaluru to take part in state-level boxing championship. The boxer took the spirit and decide to swim 2.5 Km to catch a train to the state capital to participate in the contest.

The boxer swims 2.5 km with his father

A 19-year-old boxer from Belgavi, Mannur, had to take a train to Bengaluru for the state-level championship. His father Manohar, a farmer, was helpless to find any kind of transport in his village to reach the main road. Knew what had to be done, packed the boxing kit in a tightly-wrapped plastic, and decided to swim with his son for 2.5 km. They reached the main road within 45 minutes from where Nishan joined the Belagavi district team.


“I was waiting for this event and didn’t want to miss it at any cost. Since our area was surrounded by water and no vehicles could enter, we had no option but to swim,” said Nishan to a report. Nishan and his father swam from their house around 3:45 pm and reached the main road around 4:30 pm.

Never giving up Nishan

Fully focused and matured in this young age, the class XII student Nishan was able to grab the second place in the state-level boxing championship. He succeeded in winning the silver medal in Light Flyweight Category. However, the young boxer promised it would be gold next year. “This time I lost gold because of my bad luck. Next year, I will surely win gold,” he told.

Despite these difficulties, Nishan never gave up and taught everyone a lesson that winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit between all challenges.