The Women Of KGF: How Large An Impact Will They Have On Rocky’s Story?

kgf 2 teaser

The makers of KGF have released two posters in recent days. While the first one was that of Reena’s, the second poster belonged to Ramika Sen. Both these stills were released on the occasion of the birthdays of the respective actors.

However, the recently released KGF-2 teaser has taken the Internet by storm. The teaser has already crossed 50 Million + views and is marching towards a whopping 100 Million. The teaser has got a few incredible shots and two among them are of Ramika Sen played by Raveena Tandon walking and Reena played by Srinidhi Shetty probably in KGF. Let’s see how large an impact will these characters may have on Rocky’s story on today’s read.


The Women In KGF

If you take KGF Chapter 1, women did not have a great role in the story. Of course, Rocky’s mother was there throughout the runtime at crucial moments. In fact, this character is the main drive behind Rocky’s wants and needs in life.

Although Reena was there, her role was limited to the first half. Based on the way the character was established in Chapter 2, it is inevitable that Srinidhi Shetty will do a bigger job in the sequel. That said, in Chapter 2, we would also have another women character in the narrative. It would be that of Ramika Sen, a role being essayed by Raveena Tandon.

Reena – Will She Come To KGF?

Well, that remains a big question. But if you closely notice the recently released still, it does seem that Reena would make the journey to KGF. We hope that she does because her interactions with Rocky in Chapter 1 have left us asking for more.


Knowing Prashant Neel, it is unlikely that the Rocky-Reena story will remain a sole love track. For sure, Reena would be part of the narrative that takes Rocky to the heights of power in KGF. How that happens is something that will be interesting and worth waiting for.

Ramika Sen – The Thorn In Rocky’s Rise?

In plots involving underworld kingdoms, a few characters representing the government are a must. However, this has become a cliche as they turn out to be anything but just caricatures. Nonetheless, in KGF, the story seems to be different. In flashes, we have already seen in Chapter 1 that Ramika Sen would have a big impact on Rocky’s life.

The makers have intelligently established a few aspects of Ramika’s character in the released still. A strong-willed woman who is ready to take on the wrongdoers, Ramika might well become the Sivagami to the world of KGF. And, we would just not be surprised if the arc remains exactly the same as the much-revered character played by Ramya Krishna.