The Shaheen Bagh Protest Row: A Kerala Jobseeker Gets An Email That Suggested Him To Join Protest To Get Free Biryani

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The Shaheen Bagh protest, where hundreds of women have been putting a sit-in against the new citizenship law for over a month has gained a lot of media attention recently. In the middle of the protest row, a Kerala job seeker received an email that asked him to join the protest to get money and free Biryani.

The Shaheen Bagh protest row

The protesters who appeared to be elderly women are opposing the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and a pan-India National Register of Citizens (NRC). They have been sitting on protest at Shaheen Bagh for over a month and originally led by women, the protest has been witnessing supporters gathering in thousands every day.


These rebels declare that they will continue their protest until the government decides to turn back the CAA and NRC. Some students of Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) are also likely to join Shaheen Bagh protesters as they march to Jantar Mantar.

source: aljazeera

Get paid and free biryani 

Amid all this, a guy from Thiruvananthapuram, Abdulla SS, who is currently in Bur Dubai, was looking for visas to seek a job in the country. Abdulla received an email from a person who asked him to join the protests against CAA in Delhi which will offer him 1000rs daily and free Biryani to eat.

According to the report, Abdulla, who happens to be a mechanical engineer, sent the mail with a desperate header “Willing to work without pay for the training period”. In response, he received an answer from a person identified as Jayant Gokhale.


source: toi

Just a thought. Why do you need a job? Go to Delhi and sit on Shaheen Bagh to protest. Every day you will receive 1,000 rupees, free food, that is, biryani, unlimited amount of tea and milk, sometimes sweet too, ”read the mail.

source: indiatoday

The engineer said he had been sending numerous job applications recently. The response in connection to Shaheen Bagh’s protest was by one of the many emails he had sent.

“I shared the screenshot of the email to my brother’s friend and I think it was he who posted it on social media. Now, many people are calling with offers of aid. I also receive abusive calls thinking I am the business, ”Abdulla said by phone from Dubai.


“Some want it to move legally against the person who sent the mail. I do not want to file any legal complaint. My only concern is to get a job, ”said Abdulla.