“HIRE ME, otherwise My Husband will Divorce me” | Story of A Woman

the second chance
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She was about to burst during the negotiation process after the 5 rounds of a job interview. Desperate and brain fag, all the past hits her like a storm; the moment was unmanageable for her. This is the story of a Woman who goes through an unexpected turn in her life after marrying to a person against all the odds of our society.

The Second Chance

Surabhi (name changed), who was in her early 30s looked desperate and immensely craving for that one bloody job. Seven years ago, when she left her dream job for a reason that mattered to her, she didn’t look so longing. However, life took a turn and today, she is sitting in the final round of that job interview where her husband is waiting in the next door with a divorce paper in hand.


the second chance

Minutes later, the interview started. Papers flipped, the interviewer went through her academic reports and found a prodigy; a Gold medalist and having the last job with CMM level 5 company. She had left her job, seven years ago. But, why?

Seven Years Ago

A passionate young girl, successful in her dream job finds the love of her life. Against all the odds of society, family, caste, and creed, she got married to that person. As usual, boy’s family do not allow her to continue in her job which she eventually took in a positive spirit. She shifted her dreams from making a bright career to making a beautiful home. With time, she conceived and gave birth to a beautiful girl baby. Everything was on a flowery path until life took an unexpected turn.

the second chance

Unforeseen Twist

After 5 years of their marriage, Surabhi’s husband who was an investment banker gets a pink slip. Due to VISA and work permit issue, he finds it difficult to get another job and goes into a serious depression. He becomes alcoholic, foot the bill from savings and everything that was normal suddenly went out of control. What next? Who’s gonna earn? Now, the family remembered that they have another Diamond in their hand to sell.


the second chance
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They started harassing Surabhi to get a job and feed the family. Owing to the family situations and the endless mental harassment, she started out looking for a job. She, no doubt was brilliant in her professional skills but the CAREER GAP OF SEVEN YEARS was treated as a black spot, followed by rejections. The situation became so worse that a person for whom she had left her job, family and everything decided to divorce her if she doesn’t get a job.

Next? Luckily, she got that Job and started a new journey but how many Women among us gets that Second Chance? A Question!

What should we learn from this Story?

Anyone who has the experience and knowledge should pursue his or her dreams. Here, she took the decision which was good to her at that point of time and again she takes the decision which is good at this phase of life. Life is a learning.


One needs to be very cautious while making such decisions and make an effort to not fall into the trap of such mentally sick people. In the worse case, it is preferred to take the help of marriage counseling. (Husband is ready to give divorce even after 7 years of married life to a girl who left such a bright career for making his family beautiful).

Everyone needs a second chance! Humanity is what we need to learn from this! First and foremost, respect the women in your life! Understand and appreciate the sacrifices she makes! Second, in such situations, HR should take a stand to understand the ability and skill set to give the right opportunity!

Sympathy is not needed! She deserves RESPECT and THE SECOND CHANCE.


This is a Real Story shared by – Naveen Manjunath (HR Manager, Wipro, Verifaya, and BRO4U)

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