Meet Archana. A Haryana Woman Who Breaks Male Bastion, Drives City Bus in Karnal City

Despite being felicitated by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Women’s day, Archana who has been driving a city bus in Karnal for five years reflected on her struggle of being accepted because of her profession.

Talking about the ‘She Inspires Us’ initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Archana says she is happy now that her work is being acknowledged. Sarita, the conductor of the same bus, will also be felicitated by the Haryana Government.


“It [the initiative] is a welcome move and an encouraging one. It will hopefully motivate women to make a mark for themselves by achieving something in their lives. Modiji has done a lot for the welfare of us” She said.

At the age of 30, Archana, who hails from Balla village in Karnal district, worked as a school bus driver before taking over the city bus. Even though people doubted her skills in the beginning, it has been smooth sailing since the transition.

During her school bus days, Archana recalls how parents used to pass comments and doubts on the safety of their children because a woman is helmed at the wheel. Apparently, some even complained the school management. Similarly, Sarita was told repeatedly that her job is a job for the men.


According to the women, they wanted to change things regarding gender disparity among people but never got to do anything. The Prime Minister’s campaign has given them the recognition and the platform to change things.

Other Initiatives employed across the country

Similar initiatives have been carried out today as a part of the PM’s campaign. Air India will operate over 40 flights today bearing an all-women crew. In the Railway department, an all-women crew will operate a passenger carrier train from Secunderabad to Vikarabad covering a distance of 75 kilometers on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Further, to empower women and promote gender equality, Indian Railways will be organizing the International Women’s day campaign from March 1st to 10th centered around the theme ‘Each for Equal’.


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi took to Twitter to hail the contributions of women in various fields and also stressed that the women’s power in securing the country. He noted the contributions of women in sports and leadership and agriculture.

On Tuesday, the hype was created around Modi’s twitter tease of leaving social media but was later clarified that the Prime Minister would be handing over his social media accounts to women who inspire us on March 8 as the world celebrates International Women’s Day.