The Most Popular Rose Wines In The World

Summer season is nearly approaching, and that means rose wine season is coming as well. As
summer is upon us, people everywhere are, for the most part, toasting the great summer
weather with an excellent glass of rose wine.

Rose wine is one of the most favorite drinks and most preferred way of keeping cool and chill
during the heat waves this summer. This kind of wine is really approachable and accessible. It
is not a Bordeaux or anything like that, where you feel or you need to have a real education to
enjoy it.


In this post, you will find and learn the most popular rose wines in the world. These options
will surely be great for your summer and spring parties. So, what are you waiting for? Read

Lallier Brut Rose

The Lallier Brut Rose is made of twenty percent Chardonnay and eighty percent Pinot Noir,
making it almost all grand cru juice. The grapes used to make this wine originated from Avize,
Bouzy and Aÿ are combined with Mareuil Sur Aÿ’s Premier Cru grapes, creating a delightful
and pleasant, yet intense champagne.

This refined champagne will undoubtedly delight your senses with its superb pale salmon-
pink tone that presents delightful aromas of baguette and strawberries. The taste is precise
and clear, its freshness then interweaves with gourmet and sensual notes of wild strawberry.
With regards to its visual asset, its freshness, and its purity, the Lallier Brut Rose is the best
companion for the aperitif. With excellent and brilliant finesse, it’s most enjoyable with
lobster or desserts with red berries charlotte.


2017 Meiomi

This rose wine is a combination, mainly of Pinot Noir, coming all the way from Santa Barbara,
Sonoma, and Monterey. If you are looking for a soft rose petal notes, bracing minerality, and
bright acidity, then the 2017 Meiomi is best for you.

A late summer heatwave and cool winter contributed to a, for the most part, somewhat
longer growing season, resulting to mature fruits with high levels of tannins. All in all, the
2017 Meiomi offers a smooth and sleek mouthfeel and a tang of cranberry and strawberry

2016 Sterling Vintner’s Collection Rosé

The 2016 Sterling Vintner’s Collection Rosé is rich and full-bodied and produced at Sterling
vineyards at California balances dark and light in the most excellent rose wine for a
conventional red wine drinker. The fragrance or redolence of hand-picked berries and grapes
play-off flavors of orange blossom, jasmine tea, and pink citrus.


But not like your vintage red wines, the 2016 Sterling Vintner’s Collection Rosé was created
and produced to be enjoyed and savored in its youth. You can drink a glass before dinner or
you can pair it with fresh scallops and oysters.

Underwood Rosé Bubbles

Of course, bottles are, without a doubt, nice. However, cans can be nice options as well as
they are quicker to open and more convenient. The Underwood Rosé Bubbles from Oregon is
a sparkling rose wine that is way more approachable and ready to travel for people who are
more accustomed to beer, but with heed in trying new things.

Think moonlight hot-tubbing in Aspen or camping a.m. rose-mosas. The tasting notes of the
Underwood Rosé Bubbles lean toward something bold, combining and blending fruit
cocktail, tart cherry, and wild strawberry.


Raimat Rosada Rosé 2017

If you are new to the world of wine, then let us tell you top-secret info, you can get lots of
excellent bottles that only costs around fifteen dollars. As a matter of fact, most women do
not like the idea of spending a lot of their rose wine, and neither should you.

Among those affordable best value rose wines is the Raimat Rosada Rosé 2017. It costs
around twelve dollars per bottle and the taste is indeed exemplary. The thirty percent
Tempranillo and seventy percent rose is fresh and pleasant, and grown sustainably, which,
for the most part, you typically need to pay extra for. This rose wine is perfect with a plate of

Alìe 2017 Frescobaldi

Enough spring rain and dry summer made for a maximum growing season for this delightful
rose wine from Alìe, made from combining Vermentino and Syrah. It is delicate and exquisite
on the top with citrus peel, strawberry, and wildflower and there is an earthy mineral base
that, for the most part, establish the wine, making it a complex, lengthy drink.

Do not confuse or mix this rose wine with a light spritzer because it is strong and powerful
enough to hold its own. It is best paired with heavily spiced dishes.



If you have never drunk a rose wine before, then perhaps this is the best time to, at the very
least, try. There is nothing wrong to try something new. The list above is some of the best and
most popular rose wines in the entire world that you need to try.