Karnataka Creates Another Record: Liquor Sales On Second Day Is Worth Rs 197 Crores

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On Day 2 of the reopening of liquor stores across the country, the Karnataka Excise Department has announced that alcohol worth Rs 197 crore was sold in the state.

Karnataka Day 1 collection is Rs 45 crores

On Monday, Karnataka had generated a revenue of Rs 45 crores through liquor sales across the state. However, although it seemed that the numbers would go down in the subsequent days, citizens of the state sprung a surprise by going full throttle on Day 2.


Karnataka Day 2 collection is Rs 197 crores

With this, the state has surpassed the previous record, when on December 28th, 2018, a total amount of Rs 170 crores was spent on alcohol in the state. On Tuesday, 36.4 Lakh liters of Indian Made Liquor (IML) was sold, while 7 Lakh liters of Beer was also purchased by the people. The Indian Made Liquor was worth Rs 182 crores, and the total cost of the Beer was Rs 15 crores. In total, a revenue of Rs 197 crores was reported in the state.

The Excise Department pointed out two reasons for the big jump in numbers on Tuesday. While the introduction of 6% additional excise duty was one reason, the other reason was that the number of shops opened on Tuesday was twice the number that had their shutters up on Monday.

Also, the Department mentioned that many shops ran out of stock on Monday afternoon itself. They were later replenished on Tuesday, which could have also helped the numbers go up yesterday.


Source: Times of India