Karnataka Recorded Liqour Sales Of Whopping 45 Crores on The First Day: Excise Department

The Karnataka Excise Department has announced that it has generated a revenue of Rs.45 crores from the sale of alcohol across the state today. The Central Government had allowed the reopening of standalone liquor stores in the less-risky zones across India from May 4th.

Liquor Shops Reopened across the country

In line with the notification released by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), several liquor shops opened their shutter after a long gap on Monday. Although a strong reception was expected by the alcohol lovers across India, the reopening of the shops might not have expected a surge in demand that was seen in many parts across India on Monday.


In many locations, the social distancing norms were compromised and the police had to interfere in the matter. In places where the norms were protected, lines to the tune of kilometers were reported.

Karnataka’ Day 1 Collection = Rs 45 Crores

The State Government had several discussions regarding the reopening of liquor stores even before the permission was granted by the Central Government. Finances were running low in the country and opening of alcohol shops was one way considered by BSY and co. to generate revenues in the state. Hence, there was curiosity as to how the shops would perform once it reopens.

As expected, the euphoria was high as liquor stores opened shutters today morning. The Karnataka Excise department announced that Rs. 45 Crore collection was made today due to the liquor sales on Monday. According to the Excise Department, around 3.9 lakh liter of beer was sold, and 8.5 lakh liter of Indian-made foreign liquor on day one of the restrictions being lifted.


The state Excise Department has allowed retail liquor outlets, the Karnataka State Beverage Corporations Limited (KSBCL) and Mysore Sales International Ltd depots to sell liquor outside containment zones from 9 am to 7 pm starting May 4.

Source: CNBC