Siddaramaiah Bats For Reopening Of Liquor Shops In Green Zones

Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah has suggested the State Government to allow Liquor shops to open in the Green Zones of the state.

BSY Yediyurappa spoke to the media after VC with PM Modi

After the Video-Conference with PM Narendra Modi, Karnataka Chief Minister addressed the media and offered a few thoughts regarding further steps in the state. While he announced relaxations in certain sectors, much to the disappointment of many, BSY did not provide any update regarding the opening of liquor stalls across Karnataka.


The nation is serving the second phase of lockdown, which is due to end on May 3rd. The situation seems to be under control now and it needs to be seen what PM Modi would announce in the coming days.

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Courtesy: The Hindu

Former CM Siddaramaiah gives his suggestions

After BSY confirmed that liquor shops would not open in the state, former CM Siddaramaiah suggested that the State Government could actually consider reopening of the liquor and wine shops. The State is suffering from a cash crunch, and as per Siddaramaiah’s opinion, the income from Excise could allow the finances of the state to settle to an extent. He said that liquor shops could be allowed to open only in the Green Zones, and adequate social-distancing norms will have to be protected during the sale. He added that at least MSIL outlets must be permitted to open in the coming days.

In fact, even the officials from the Finance department suggested a similar move to BSY, after the CM was involved in a discussion to decide on the efforts to improve the state’s financial situation.


Source: TV9