“Parvagilla bidu chinna, Say this to your fans”: Duniya’ Vijay’s advice to Darshan

Darshan recently had to face the wrath of Punneth Rajkumar fans as one of them attacked the Kranti actor with a slipper. After this, several actors shared their opinions on social media. Including Duniya Vijay, who thinks every artist should be respected equally.

Duniya Vijay’s special message to Darshan

A miscreant, who was allegedly a Puneeth Rajkumar fan, threw the slipper at Darshan while the actor addressed his fans in Hosapete. This incident happened while the challenging star was busy promoting Kranti at Hosapete. After this, several actors shared their opinions on social media including Salaga actor Duniya Vijay.


Kannada actor Vijay, well-known as ‘Duniya’ Vijay, has now given a bold statement about the ongoing squabble. In his Facebook post, he has criticized the ongoing ‘fan-war’ between Appu fans and Darshan fans and has penned a special note for the Kranti actor.

Annavru’s family

“Kannada and Kannada cinema industry is in the highest position now, and many great people are the reason behind it. First on this list is Annavru (Dr. Rajkumar) and Annavru’s family. Looking at the latest trends in social media, just because of some miscreant (who attacked Darshan with slippers)people are directly targeting Annavru’s son and our Karnataka’s pride late Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar. This is the most painful thing ever. And this is not it, these people are degrading Appu and using offensive language against him. These things cannot be forgiven.”

“One thing is true, no matter how many times we take birth, we have no right to talk about a Godly person and his family. In these kinds of a situation if we don’t stand together as an artist there may be more such cases.”


“I have one thing to ask Darshan… Even in such a situation (while he was hit with a slipper), he said “Parvagilla bidu chinna (It’s ok dear)”. By saying this you were lauded by your fans. Likewise, if you would have said the same thing to ‘your fans’ everything would come under control.”