21 Damn Good Signs You Are Single AF In Your Life (And You Know It!)


There is love in the air, and while some of us enjoy it, there are some who are allergic to it, whether they like it or not. Being single is a blessing and a curse at the same time, and life leaves no stone unturned in pointing that out to you. Be it songs, movies, concerts, or even a walk in the park, you’re reminded of your single hood at every step! Here are 21 signs to prove that you are single AF.

When you cuddle up with your pillow at night

Because nothing feels as good as holding on to a pillow!


When your wallet is full, but your WhatsApp conversations aren’t

You go out when you want to, with whom you can. You talk to whom you want to when you feel like it!

When Bryan Adams, Arijit Singh, and Sonu Nigam trigger you the most

And all you can do about it is crying yourself to sleep.

When the love of your life is on a Netflix romcom only

And you follow the actor and the fictional character religiously.


When everyone around you is dating

Even the dorkiest kid you know from college!

Your friends & family have started to question your sexuality.

True, right?

Friends have started suggesting the option of arranged marriage for you.

Dating apps aren’t your thing

Because you’re so used to being single that you don’t talk to the people you’re matched with.


You have nothing to hide from your parents

Unlike the ones who’ve found love. Phew!

You’re the one your friends ALWAYS turn to

For relationship advice, for a shoulder to cry on, or for a third wheel.

Ex? Who’s that?

Because you’ve always been this way.


You’ve being tagged on almost every single-people meme on Instagram.

But life hasn’t happened yet.

You hate concerts and movie theatres

And all the couples around you!

When the only being you get to walk with is your BFF/dog

Accept it.

Your life isn’t complicated

Because you don’t have to deal with personal drama


You can do what you want, and when you want

You don’t owe anyone an explanation

You love being free

And there’s nothing like it.

You love yourself most

And why wouldn’t you?

You treat yourself to great food outside. Sometimes!

Because you owe it to yourself!

When commitment scares you

When you love being by yourself; why do otherwise?


Why not celebrate single hood, when you’d rather be alone forever, than end up with the wrong person. If you’re single, you have every reason to be proud of it!

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