RGV’s Take On Feminism: Only Two People Love Women. Me And Lesbians

Tollywood controversial director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV has again made sensational comments on feminism and other things related to him. Later he also explains how he treats women.

RGV’s Take On Feminism

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma appeared in Film Companion, where he was asked 51 questions that explore his take on many things happening around him.


One such question was on feminism, and what he thinks about this. The 60-year-old believes that it’s all about loving females and not fighting for their rights.

“Feminism is all about loving them. I mean one should not fight for their rights but love them. According to me, two people Love women; one is me and the other ones are lesbians,” said RGV.

The best RGV can do

Ram Gopal Varma was also asked if there was a song or a scene that no one else can do other than him. The filmmaker said, “I don’t know about a song or anything, but I would like to believe that no one shoots a girl more beautiful than me.”


The 60-year-old was also asked about his thoughts on Love. He said, “I have grown over Love a long time back. Now, I believe in short spurts of love and not long term. I like to love only when I am having sex,” RGV explains.

Speaking about his filmmaking and work, RGV says that he is not easily approachable. In reply, to a question asked about how easily he was approachable for work, he said, “I am not really sure about this. But it is I who pick people for the film and not wiser versa. When I look for someone I want to work with I just send out a message to them. It could be an artist, cameraman, or director, I just approach them by myself. I first filter them and later give them my contact details.”

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