Shashi Tharoor Debut As Stand-Up Comedian Made Indians Google The Word ‘Recalcitrance’

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The Grammar wizard and politician Shashi Tharoor made his debut as a stand-up comedian with One Mic Stand on Amazon prime. Thiruvananthapuram MP was seen entertaining a crowd with some political and non-political wisecrack. A video shared by Shashi, which was a glimpse of the show has made Indians Google a word called ‘Recalcitrance’ which he has used in the video.

Shashi and Humor, a better love story

Known for his English vocabulary, Shashi Tharoor needs no introduction. The 63-year-old has tried his hands on standup comedy and the politician looked very successful entertaining the crowd.

Tharoor shared a glimpse of his upcoming comedy stint on Amazon Prime. Called “One Mic Stand”, the series will have five celebrities up against five full-time professional comedians performing in front of an actual audience. The full version of the stand up was released on November 15.

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In a 3-minute video, Tharoor narrated about his “embarrassing” childhood days when his father would ask him to speak in English in front of their guests.

Introducing Indians to a new word, Sahsi said “I had a normal childhood like all of you guys, my parents embarrassed me too when guests came over and said; Shashi, Uncle ko angrezi bolke sunao na (Talk to uncle in English),” he said.

The young Tharoor replied by saying, “Daddy, please. I can’t entertain this! Pardon my recalcitrance.”

‘Recalcitrance’ made a Google trend

The clip earned over 217,000 viewership on Twitter within six hours. After the video went viral, there was a huge Google Trend which certainly showed people searching for the word ‘recalcitrance’.

Recalcitrance-quality of being unwilling to obey rules

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The episode has already been published last night and Tharoor appeared to be well prepared with his list of jokes. The MP was all locked and loaded with some self-objecting humor and cheeky digs at the BJP.