Sajid Khan And Rhea Chakraborty Cases Shows The Heights Of Hypocrisy In B-Town

Rhea Chakraborty’s case has represented a mirror image of the situation in Bollywood. With the revelation of Sajid Khan’s supposed faults, the heights of hypocrisy in this situation has been exposed further.

‘Smash the patriarchy’

It was a moment to savor for the trollers and the memers as Rhea Chakraborty donned a T-shirt saying ‘Smash the patriarchy’ and came out in public. While this section believed that Rhea was already a culprit, another side believed that conclusion can be given after the trial.


However, the feminist section of the society took upon themselves to bash the treatment meted out to Rhea in the media. A man in the same place and things would have been different was this division’s argument.

While they are right from their perspective, it is sad that the rules have now changed for a man who has been accused by four women of sexual assault in the past.


Sajid accused of sexual harassment

Dimple Paul, a model, accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment a few days ago. She also revealed that it happened when she was 17-years-old. Well, it was not new for Sajid who has been accused four times on similar charges in the past.


In the current scenario, Sajid must have been bashed severely on media and by Bollywood. However, not a single tweet or report is in the news, and that shows why patriarchy is a deep-rooted problem in society.

More so, when the accused is an influential member of the industry. Not one investigation has been done concerning Sajid and there is a possibility that it would remain this way. The feminist society is silent, and that is the most disappointing matter in the topic.