15 Times Bollywood Made ‘Great’ Action Sequences and ‘Logic Died’

Bollywood has produced both flops and hit films. But there is one genre that, when messed up, can be very funny. Yes, we are talking about action films, and to be honest, Bollywood has given us a few cheesy films. But more than the film, there have also been a lot of action scenes that defy logic and the laws of physics. Do you know which ones? Look over this list, and let us know if you agree or disagree.

1. Even Salman Khan’s shirts feel the heat and rip apart when he is furious because his anger is so intense.
Movie: Dabangg


2. Ajay Devgn fires at the vehicle. It flips around in the air. While the vehicle is hovering above him, he manages to somehow get the driver out.
Movie: Singham

3. Akshay Kumar may cause a storm with one kick.
Movie: Chandni Chowk To China

4. Only our Sallu Bhai can jump off a moving motorbike and still make it in time for his flight.
Movie: Ek Tha Tiger


5. Using a bicycle as a shield from bullets, Mithun Da in his action avatar.
Movie: Gunda

6. Also, he has deflected knives, bats, and hockey sticks that have been thrown at him by hurling them back at his attackers.
Movie: Shera

7. Jackie Shroff decided the best course of action as bullets began to rain down… running on the wall
Movie name: Shapath


8. Aamir Khan running down the building.
Movie: Dhoom 3

9. And how can we forget the floating car
Movie: Race 2

10. Salman Khan manages to throw away his bicycle just in time to avoid being run over by a train.
Movie: Kick


11. Tiger Shroff is only two steps away from a car that explodes, but instead of being hurt, our man doesn’t even twitch an eyebrow.
Movie: Baaghi 3

12. Salman Khan also knows how to fly.
Movie: Race 3, again

13. Saif Ali Khan performed a bike stunt that defied the laws of physics; nobody knows how he did it.
Movie: Kya Kehna

14. Dharmendra was able to deflect a bullet, which only scratched his hand.
Movie: Loha


15. The flying bike scene in Armaan Kohli’s film is a perfect example of how bad action and poor visual effects can go together.
Movie: Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani