Akshay once Turned Down a Movie with Dwayne Johnson; This Decision Shocked the entire Film Industry

Akshay Kumar and Dwayne Johnson were all set to come together in a Hollywood action film. However, the Bollywood actor was never really interested. Scroll down to read the reason he did so.

Akshay and The Rock

Many Bollywood stars have established themselves in the West through Hollywood films during the past ten years. Beginning with Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is ruling like a queen, Deepika Padukone, and Alia Bhatt also did a wonderful job. Ali Fazal is carving out a place for himself in the West, but before him, Irrfan stunned everyone with his appearances in Jurassic Park and The Amazing: Spider-Man. However, numerous actors turned down Hollywood offers; one such offer was for Akshay Kumar to play the lead in a Dwayne Johnson movie.


If rumors are to be believed, Akshay Kumar was given the opportunity to star in a high-profile action movie with none other than The Rock Dwayne Johnson. As the rumors spread, even the fans were eager to see the two action stars together.

According to Indiatimes, Akshay Kumar received an offer in an action epic that also starred Dwayne Johnson. However, he took some time to consider the script before passing it off, breaking a million people’s hearts.

The reason

Later reports claimed that the Bollywood actor had felt that Dwayne Johnson played the role better than he did. In his native India, he was by far the biggest action star, and his Khiladi persona dominated Bollywood.


It did not appear to be a big opportunity for Akki to star in the Dwayne Johnson movie. And the actor never seemed eager to try his luck in Hollywood any further. Some reports say that the film was an action flick titled Project X.

Meanwhile, speaking of Dwayne Johnson and Akshay Kumar, they did appear on the Forbes list of the highest-paid actors in 2020. While The Rock earned $87.5 Million at No.1, Akshay Kumar stood 6th with $48.5 Million.