This Lesser-Known Gem in Commercial Street Serves Awesome Idlies, Dosey, And Upma At Just Rs.20

Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre

You will have to think twice before taking along an extra person with you to Commercial Street. The hustle and bustle of the extremely crowded street hardly offer any foot space and breathing space to its inhabitants. However, apart from the cheapest shops which you might have discovered to finish off your monthly dosage of shopping, we would now give you another reason to visit Commercial Street in the future. This has nothing do with filling your wardrobes but stuffing up your hungry stomachs.

Yes, we are talking about a restaurant, a small one at this and probably a joint you might not have spotted in the past. Head straight to the Jeweler’s Street and ask the passerby’s for the location to the Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre. It would just be a few hundred meters off this street and once you have arrived, get yourself prepared to be amazed.

A South-Indian Delight

Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre serves only South-Indian breakfast items and the food joint has mastered in its service. Idlis, Dosas, and Upma are the prominent items you could find in the menu card. While the Idlis would cost you Rs 20, the Dosas and the Upma will are priced at Rs 25 and Rs 20 respectively. Amongst the Dosas, you cannot afford to miss the Ghee Roast Dosas while the Vermicelli Upma is an absolute delight at this restaurant.

Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre

The Aura Here

Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre may not be a big hotel with impeccable ambiance. However, this joint balances it with its unique taste and lip-smacking offerings. Owned by an old couple, they are extremely pleasant and are always at your service. Their pace in dishing out food items is impressive and would never keep your stomachs waiting for long.

Most importantly, after a busy day at the Commercial Street which would invariably wear you out, a short visit to this joint will put a smile on your face and end your day on a good note.


Authentic South-Indian breakfast items at a pocket-friendly price. This is the USP of this restaurant. Especially since it is located on Commercial Street which may not be a foodie’s delight, Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre is surely one joint which could command multiple visits.

Radha Krishna Tiffin Centre

The Ghee Dosas are served with a small amount of potato mashing along with the spicy red chutney and the tasty coconut chutney which will make sure the experience is bound to be unforgettable. The piping-hot idlis served are soft, fluffy and you are unlikely to stop at one serving. The same stands with the Semiya Upma which is a kind of a flagship product here. It is adequate in quantity and hence, makes for a fulfilling breakfast or an evening snack.




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