Raana Film Review: A Solid Boost To An ‘Aspiring’ Action Star

Son of noted producer K Manju, Shreyas Manju relishes a good name for his performances in his first few movies. However, it was only a matter of time before Shreyas attempted a ‘mass’ subject, like the many films his father produced. With an expert director in the commercial format, Nanda Kishore wielding the megaphone, Raana was trumpeted to be the perfect push for Shreyas to the next level of his career. It has occurred and the ‘action’ image sticks on with him with the film that hit the screens last Friday. Here is the review of the film:

An old story but will entertain the fans of the format

Mass or Commercial films can never go out of the market because of the entertainment factor. In Raana, we have the hero as an aspiring police officer but working as a cab driver to make ends meet. While this can be related to many, he also has a love interest, which further adds depth to his story. The conflict docks when a weapon used to kill a notorious city don is found in his cab. The subsequent events form the crux of the story.


The story of the film seems cliched but is presented well with adequate twists and beats. The love story could have been done better but since the film was being marketed as an ‘action’ film, it does serve the purpose. Raana’s action sequences have been choreographed well and that will be the USP of the film. Shreyas delivers a good show and will look to get better in the coming movies. The other actors do justice to their roles.

Technical departments help Nanda Kishore achieve his vision

A good visual is a necessity in this era, irrespective of the genre or the budget. With some big names bankrolling Raana, it was not a surprise that the cinematography has been handled well. It is a big plus to the movie. Even the production values are impressive. Chandan Shetty’s music adds the necessary boost to the genre of the film.

Overall, Raana might not impress all moviegoers but for lovers of commercial films, it is a satisfactory offering. Shreyas Manju is surely a promising actor and his gradually expanding fanbase would be keen to watch the film.


Here’s the trailer: