PM Narendra Modi Makes A Surprise Visit To ‘Hunar Haat’. Enjoys Litti Chokha With Kulhad Tea

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday gave an unexpected visit to Rajpath that organized a cultural exhibition called as ‘Hunar Haat’. In the visit, he interacted with artisans and enjoyed traditional cuisine like ‘litti-chokha’ and ‘kulhad’ tea.

A surprise visit

Soon after completing the Cabinet meeting, Modi visited Rajpath where ‘Hunar Haat’ is being organized by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

source: moneycontrol

According to the sources, people in the ministry were shocked when they came to know about the prime minister’s visit.

source: moneycontrol

There was a rush in the crowd when people came to know that the prime minister was visiting the event. Modi stayed there for 50 minutes, exploring the cultural event. Moreover, he tried a famous Bihari cuisine called ‘litti-chokha’.

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‘Litti-chokha’ and ‘kulhad’ tea

The popular dish in Bihar, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand, is usually a dough ball made of whole wheat flour and stuffed with ‘sattu'(roasted chickpea flour). It is normally eaten with ‘choka’ which is made with vegetables, roasted or fire-roasted to grant a unique smoky flavor.

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Prime Minister paid Rs 120 for the litti and enjoyed the taste of Bihar’s famous cuisine.

He also had ‘kulhad’ with Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and paid Rs 40 for two cups. Kulhad chai is considered as one of the most loved beverages in India. In this, tea is served in a clay cup which adds unique earthen flavor & smell.

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The ‘Hunar Haat’ will be held until February 23. Chief artisans, craftspeople, and culinary experts, including more than 50 percent women, from across the country are participating in the event.

source: moneycontrol

Artisans believed that the traditional arts were dying, but the ‘Hunar Haat’ program has helped improve them.



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