PM Modi Introduced Fit India School Grading System Across The Country

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched a fit India School grading system to promote sports and fitness in schools across the country. The new fitness system will be ranked depending on how much importance the school gives to inculcating fitness among its students and teachers.

Fit India School 

Prime Minister in a ‘Mann Ki Batt’ radio show on Sunday inspired students, parents, and teachers to participate in the ‘Fit India Week’ program, an ambition taken up by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). He said the program should become a part of an individual’s life easily and conveniently. It should become a mass movement and works shall be taken up to build mass awareness on the fitness problem. The principal purpose of the plan is to involve school children in actual field time than idle screen time.

In his popular radio program, Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, Modi said, “In the Fit India Movement, schedules have been drawn for ranking schools following fitness. The academies that produce this ranking will also be able to utilize the Fit India logo and flag.”

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“Central Board of Secondary Education has taken a praiseworthy action of introducing the idea of ‘Fit India week’. Schools can mark the fitness week in December. It can include several fitness-related exercises, including sports, games, yoga, and dance,” PM Modi said.

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Ranked on the basis of performance 

Fit India will be ranked under three sections The Fit India Schools, which is the first level of ranking, Fit India School (3 stars) and Fit India School (5 stars).

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The level of ranking will depend on how much value the school gives to teaching fitness among its students and teachers, besides facilities accessible for fitness activities.

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“I request that all schools should join in the Fit India ranking system and Fit India should enhance innate to our spirit. That it matches a mass action and bring awareness is what we must aim for,” Modi added.

The Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday stated that along with the Fit India School grading system, the Centre will also introduce fitness awards for villages and districts.




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