On A Bizarre Incident A Drunk Man Dials 100 To Ask Cops To Get Alcohol For Him

source: toi

If having confidence was a game, this man from Madhya Pradesh would be a gold medalist. Sachin, who appears to be drunk dials 100 and asks cops to get him Alcohol for him. The 1-minute 47-second video of the man asking liquor from cops has gone viral on social media.

Dial 100 for booze?

This incident took place in Kotar Town in Madhya Pradesh where Sachin reportedly calls 100 and asks the cops to help him with Alcohol.


On being asked about the incident by a policeman, Sachin claims the storekeeper, who appears to be his grandad, refused to give him liquor and so he wanted the police to assist him.

source: toi

He was been drunk since 11 in the morning and said he had drunk some from a different wine shop before getting to this one.

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