This Is What The School Management Did After A Fight Broke Out Among Bishop Cotton Girls

In a viral video, girls in school uniforms were seen pulling each other’s hair, throwing punches, abusing, and whatnot. Amid all this, the Bishop Cotton Girls’ School management has counseled the students who were allegedly involved in a street fight on Tuesday.

School Girls Fight on the road

A fight broke out outside a reputed school, where students, in their school uniforms, were seen assaulting and abusing each other. The videos of the fight went viral prompting people to make memes about the incident.


After this incident, the Bishop Cotton Girls’ School management counseled the students who were allegedly involved in a street fight.

In the interest of students and under The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, the school administrations, members of the Right to Education Task Force, and police officers of the jurisdictional police station have called the students and parents for mediation.

School Management 

Speaking to the media, Sujatha Suresh, a member of the RTE Task Force, said, “We have educated both children and parents and advised them not to make it an issue in the interest of the students and in an effort to protect their rights.”


“We even counseled students and educated them about the Juvenile Justice Act and made them understand that their actions could be initiated under the Act for their involvement in the incident,” said Sujatha.

Sujatha further claims that two years of the pandemic has influenced social behavior and the holistic development of children.

“Parents must understand their responsibilities, keep an eye on their children, and treat them as friends. This will make a world of difference,” she said.


Nagasimha G Rao, child rights activist, said, “These are silly problems, and schools and parents should be sensitive when handling children at this age. This is why we insist on Child Protection Policy in every school and the need to create awareness about the Pocso and the JJ Act. They should be aware of the consequences of violent behavior.”