Nupur Sharma Controversy: Swara Bhasker Slams Gautam Gambhir For His ‘Secular Liberals’ Remark

There were only a few celebrities who have reacted to Nupur Sharma’s alleged comment on the Prophet Muhammad row. One such is Swara Bhasker, who has been voicing her opinion on social media about the same. Recently, the actress took to her Instagram to slam former cricketer and politician Gautam Gambhir.

Nupur Sharma Row

The former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s recent remark on Prophet Muhammad has been making the headlines. Her statement angered the Muslim community and they started slamming her for this. Amid all these, Nupur Sharma got suspended from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


This did not end here. People went out on the streets and started massive protests against Nupur Sharma and she even obtained rape and death threats. Violent protests have also been carried out in different parts of the country ordering the arrest of Nupur Sharma. However, after the protests turned a bit violent, police started taking action against them and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath took some serious steps against the protest.

Swara Bhasker slams Gautam Gambhir

Now, Swara Bhasker who is often vocal about her opinions has criticized former cricketer Gautam Gambhir for his ‘Secular Liberals’ comment. The cricketer had tweeted, “Silence of so-called ‘secular liberals’ on the sickening display of hatred & death threats throughout the country against a woman who has apologized is surely DEAFENING! #LetsTolerateIntolerance.”

Swara took to her Instagram story and wrote, “Inko bulldozers ki aawaaz nahi sunaai pad rahi lekin!”


On the same day, Swara Bhasker also shared a story on her Instagram and said that living in her own country India is like existing in “a constant state of helpless rage”. She shared a note that read, “Living in India these days is to exist in a constant state of helpless rage.”

Meanwhile, Nupur Sharma’s comment on Prophet Muhammad also set off a huge international backlash and Swara also responded to that in a tweet that read, “Oh hey @NupurSharmaBJP! Hope you are celebrating the international shame your hate filled rabble rousing has brought India!”