10 Reasons Why This 89-Year-Old Military Hotel Is Bengaluru’s Most Favorite

shivaji military hotel bangalore

The city of Bengaluru is not just known for its gardens but also its eateries and the availability of a multitude of cuisines, few of which are native to the city and shaped by its culture. Some of the hotels in the city have a rich history dating back to the pre-independence times!

While it would seem impossible for an establishment to last this long in a city that is fast growing, a step into these establishments and a taste of their food put the mystery to rest. One of the most most-loved hotels in Bengaluru is the Shivaji Military Hotel. Here are ten reasons which make it a favorite among Bengalureans


1. Heritage and History

The Shivaji Military hotel was founded sometime in the 1930s by Manaji Rao with a motive to introduce the city to the Maratha cuisine. The walls have seen generation after generation dine between them and appreciate the soulful food. The hotel is now run by Manaji Rao’s grandsons.

shivaji military hotel bangalore

2. The Aroma

The aroma greets you much before you can even set your eyes on the food. It is enough to make anyone salivate in anticipation for the delicious dishes served here. The aroma alone is enough to make someone forgot their senses and makes the wait for the food worth it.

3. Traditional Presentation

The dishes are all served in a donne which is a container usually made up of dried banana leaves or areca leaves. These are shaped like a large cup and bring in traditional vibes. The dishes are usually eaten from plates covered with banana leaves which further instill the sense of South and West Indian food.


shivaji military hotel bangalore
Source – Little Black Book

4. The Biriyanis!

The biriyanis here are to die for. Their menu is simple with most visitors ordering the chicken and mutton biriyani and yet the hotel does justice to the biriyani when it comes to taste. The divine taste of their biriyanis is impossible to replicate and must be tasted for words alone cannot describe it.

5. Thursday Treats!

The Natti Chicken Biriyani is available only on Thursdays. This biriyani has chicken which is tastier as well as healthier than the broiler chicken which is usually used in all biriyanis.

shivaji military hotel bangalore
Source: Food Drifter

6. Sumptuous Soups

The soups served here are delicious and fuel your appetite. The hot soups are best enjoyed on a cold morning before breakfast. One doesn’t simply walk away from the soup!


7. The Maratha Cuisine

The restaurant has managed to retain the flavors of the Maratha cuisine with their preparation style and use of spices. Their donne biriyani transports one to a different era and a different place.

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8. Rustic and Simple

The restaurant doesn’t boast of chandeliers or flamboyance that is seen in the other famous restaurants in the city. It is truly simple and has minimal décor. Despite this, the restaurant draws in huge crowds. The food here does the talking and it is a delight to experience.


shivaji military hotel bangalore
Source: Express Foodie

9. The Test of Time

Where other restaurants would have to adapt or change their menu, the Shivaji Military Hotel has refused to make drastic changes and sticks to its time tested recipes. The restaurant has clearly passed the test of time and has a loyal fan-base who continue to throng the place. Many older people there recount of their visits to the restaurant from decades ago. This is a place that has created a lot of memories for many.

Did we mention the biriyanis?

Seriously, the biriyani here cannot be missed. You haven’t really lived life to the fullest without trying the lip-smacking biriyanis and mutton chops here. Just make sure to start early and get an early table for the famed biriyanis to draw large crowds.

shivaji military hotel bangalore

Located at 1st C main road, Jayanagar, 8th Block, the restaurant opens early at 7:30 am and closes after 3:30 pm.

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