Bengaluru’s Rajanna Military Hotel For Naati-Style Non-Veg And For An Early Morning Biryani

rajanna military hotel

When we say Bengaluru and its food, largely the first thing that strikes is Dose, Idli, Kharabath, and filter coffee. Every lane of this city has mastered the art of Dose and Idli making, adding their own mixture and flavor to it. If this is there on one end, on another end, there is non-veg and when it comes to Bengaluru, it goes Naati and local.

The military culture that the city embraces dates back to 17th century when Maratha soldiers craved for meat food. It is said that SG Rao Military hotel of Cottonpet area is the city’s first recognized military hotel and was established by S Govinda Rao Rannore, a Maratha in 1908. Most hotels of this kind in the city are full-bodied around Cottonpet, Jayanagar, and Malleswaram areas as these were the popular areas of Old Bangalore. One such place you have is Rajanna Military hotel. Come, let’s get into details and know about its specialties.

The Menu Of Rajanna Hindu Military Hotel

Why Hindu? It is just to let you know that beef and pork are not served here. Rajanna Military hotel is known for its Naati style of cooking and their Mutton Kurma, Kaima, and Biriyani rice can wake up your sluggish taste buds. Everything Non-Veg you wanted to eat is available here.

rajanna military hotel

When you are here, without a second thought, Chicken Biryani, Ragi Balls with mutton chops, keema gojju becomes a must. Besides, they have Mutton Thaali served at Rs.280 which is a pure paisa-vasool deal. Another favorite pick can be Paratha and Egg Masala, however egg boti is not that great. Like any other naati style non-veg hotel, Rajanna Military hotel too is well-versed in Paaya soup and you can’t afford to miss it.

rajanna military hotel

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A Small Hotel, Usually Crowded

Needless to say. We wish the hotels of this kind have had a great ambiance. Rajanna Military hotel is a small place and because of which it gets highly crowded during the afternoon. One thing that we loved about here’s food is its desiyath and Naatiness which is regarded as its USP. If you love spice and are craving for a real good non-veg food then come down to this place. Coming to price, it is quite reasonable and one can easily afford to it.

As the hotel opens at 7:30 AM, one can plan for an early morning breakfast ride. Bet on Kaal Soup, piping hot biryani, and Idlies; there’s no match to it.

rajanna military hotel

Please note that there is no parking facility for four-wheelers and the place is so small that chances of you missing it is more. Worry not, feel free to ask the people around and they will guide you. When you are in Jayanagara, make sure you visit this hotel.

Open: 7:30am – 4pm, 6:30pm – 11pm

Where: Opp. Banglore Centre, 41st Cross Rd, Putlanpalya, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.


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