Sangam Military Hotel of Jayanagar for Mandya Style Nati Non-Veg

sangam military hotel

We had heard a lot about this place but never had a chance to visit. Recently, we had been to this place and felt it as quite a good place to recommend. It is not a celebrated Military hotel like Shivaji and Ranganna but the vibe it carries is no different. To be specific, we can tag this under the hidden gems of the city as it is lesser-known to many out there. Come, let’s talk about Sangam Military Hotel and its specialties on today’s read.

The Menu of Sangam Military Hotel

If you are craving for a quick biriyani for a reasonable price then come to this place. Sangam is largely known for Mandya style Nati Non-Veg with an elaborate menu for lunch. You can choose your dish but Leg Soup (Paaya) and Thatte Idli Biriyani is par excellence in taste. Of course, when we say Military hotel, Biriyani is a must. The specialty here is that it is prepared in Kanakpura style. On the other hand, Khaleja, Kheema Gojju, Ceylong Paratha, Chilly Chicken tastes good with a perfect blend of masala and fire.

sangam military hotel

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Sangam is one of the fast-moving non-veg hotels in Bengaluru, always filled with the crowd during peak lunch hours. Again, like other military hotels, the ambiance here is not that great but food will make up for everything.

So, when you are in Jayanagar, make time for Sangam Military hotel for Pakka Naati style food. Please note that service is not available here. It is all about food and nothing else.

sangam military hotel

Open: 12-5 PM and 7-11 PM

Where: 528/A, 14th Cross, Shastri Nagar Main Road, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

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