No Exceptions: Romanian PM Pays A Fine Of $600 For Breaking Social Distancing Rules

Romania’s Prime Minister has reportedly paid a fine of $600 for smoking a cigarette indoors while holding a meeting in a government building. He has also been accused of breaking the social distancing rules. The meeting included a number of other Cabinet Ministers, who are also said to have broken the rules.

Social Distancing Norms

With the world inching back to normalcy, along with masks and sanitizers, social distancing norms are likely to be a new normal for the people. Hence, in several countries, strict rules have already been made to enforce social distancing, and heavy fines are also being levied on defaulters.


The latest example of a Prime Minister being fined for breaking the rules shows the gravity of the situation. On the hind-side, it is also inspiring that the concerned authorities in the country did not spare the PM for breaking the norm.

Romania’s PM Breaks the Rules

In a photograph that came out in the Romanian media, Ludovic Orban and others are seen smoking. There is also food and alcohol that was seen on the table. None of them were wearing masks and no social distancing was being followed. The country’s Foreign Minister and Economy Minister were also said to be present at the event.

However, Ludovic later told the media that this picture was from his birthday on May 25th. There was no confirmation reported on this statement. Romania’s total COVID-19 tally is 19,133 while 1259 have died so far.


Source: India Times