Amazing: Nandhana Palace To Distribute Free Meals To COVID -19 Patients Across Bengaluru And Chennai

It has been a tough few months for the people of India. While everyone thought that the COVID-19 scare was gone after the first wave, the virus made its way in a more dangerous manner in 2021. The second wave is proving to be a tougher obstacle to overcome, at the moment.

COVID-19 second wave disrupting life across the country

COVID-19 second wave has actually been more difficult to contend with than the previous wave. There has been a shortage of oxygen supply and hospital beds throughout the country. The rate of transmission is increasing every day, with no signs whatsoever of decreasing. Many states have announced lockdown, which has further pushed back the economy of the country.


Help coming from various quarters

The unprecedented times have called for support from various quarters. Every day, we are seeing multiple sectors of people toiling on the field to help the country brush aside the virus. The frontline workers have been working incessantly since the last year and deserve great appreciation. Social media is now being used in a more effective manner for those in need.

Nandhana Palace steps in

Many restaurants are stepping in to provide free healthy food for COVID-19 patients and those in isolation. The Andhra chain restaurant Nandhana Palace has today announced that it would be providing free meals to COVID-19 patients across Bengaluru and Chennai. The kind gesture was announced on the social media platforms of the eatery. To book your meal, you can call 080 4613 1111 or WhatsApp on +91 95134 44813.

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