‘Truth That Was Buried For Long Is Coming Out’: PM Modi On ‘The Kashmir Files’

On Tuesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the recently-released film ‘The Kashmir Files’ and said more films like this need to be created so that people can understand the reality.

The role of the film industry

The Prime Minister had attended a BJP parliamentary party meeting before the start of the day’s proceedings in Parliament. At the event, PM Modi spoke about the role of the film industry in presenting history.


“After India’s Independence, we have been listening about Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela but not so much about Mahatma Gandhi. Has anyone taken the step to make a film on Gandhi and showed it to the world. But it was an outsider who had made a film on Gandhi and even won an award for it, that is when the world got to know how great Gandhi was,” he told party MPs.

Sensitive topics related to the history 

The prime minister stated that there are multiple topics such as the 1975 Emergency or the Partition on which no authentic films were made.

“Some people talk about the freedom of expression, but no film was made on Emergency because there was continuous effort to bury the truth,” the PM said.


“When on August 24 (the day of Partition), we decided to mark it as a horror day, some people had problems with that… But how can the country forget that day? But by doing so we would have been able to understand about it,” he said.

Modi on The Kashmir Files

Modi also took a dig at those who were against the release of The Kashmir Files. PM questioned the attempts to “discredit” the film.

“Rather than considering the film based on facts and truth, a campaign is on to discredit it. The whole system resists anyone who tries to show the reality,” he said.


“They only try to accept what they want to see as truth. The collaboration for the last few days is to guarantee that no one sees the truth. My point is not around a film, but about getting the truth in its correct form before the country,” he added.

“The film (The Kashmir Files) has shown the truth which has been hidden for years, Prime Minister said. Those who have problems with what is being shown in the movie should come out with their version of the facts,” the Prime Minister added.

“The Kashmir Files is a very good movie. All of you should watch it. More movies subjected to Gandhi and Kashmiri Files need to be created for people to understand the truth,” he said.


He advised the MPs to “stand for truth” and said, “It is the duty of those who stand for truth to stand for this as well. I hope that everyone will accomplish this.”

Previously, the film’s team including director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, actor Pallavi Joshi, and the film’s producer Abhishek, had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 12. The PM had congratulated them and appreciated the film.