No Cases Reported In Last 11 Days; New Zealand Looking To Lift Restrictions On Social Distancing

After containing the outbreak of COVID-19, New Zealand has now decided that it would lift restrictions with regards to social distancing and mass gatherings. The country has not reported any cases of the virus in the last eleven days.

New Zealand was appreciated for its approach towards the crisis

In the last few weeks, New Zealand has been receiving praise for successfully containing the virus, while most countries on the globe are still tackling the issue. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also recognized for her efforts.


Regarding the current situation in the country, she said that the country is “ahead of schedule.” She further added: “The country has not reported any new cases for 11 days in a row. “

While most of the lockdown restrictions were lifted in mid of May, the norms regarding social distancing and mass gatherings were still in place. However, as per the latest statements, the country is going to lift them too.

Alert Level One being planned

The New Zealand Cabinet will review the situation, earlier than planned, on June 8th. Ardern said: “If and only if there are no further unexpected cases over the coming days, then we could be in a position to move to alert level one that week.


Alert level one means there would be no restrictions on domestic transport, no restrictions on gathering, and all schools and workplaces can open. Shopping centers and hotels had already been allowed to happen in May.

However, the borders of the country are still closed although there is an indication that foreigners could be allowed inside after a month or so.

Source: India Times