Nithyananda’s Kailasa – The World’s Greatest Hindu Nation: Here Is Everything you want to know, territory, currency, flag & many more

Okay, we get this straight. A lot of you might be aware of Nithyananda’s Kailasa, but we are unsure if you are versed in the intricate details of this country. For that purpose alone, we take you along for a ride to the World’s greatest digital Hindu Nation in this article.

Kailasa – What is it?

To clear out the clouds, Kailasa, as per the official website (which you can visit for more fun), is apparently a ‘digital’ nation and is not bound by any physical boundaries. Nonetheless, there are rumors that this nation is located on one of the private islands purchased by Nithyananda near Trinidad and Tobago.


How did Kailasa come into picture?

Almost none expected something of this sort to take form. However, after fleeing India in November last year, Nithyananda excited his followers with this announcement. In one of the sermons that he released post his escape from the country, the rape-accused self-styled godman identified himself as the ‘Prime Minister’ of Kailasa.

Back in India, there are still several cases running against Nithyananda. He is accused in several cases, including rape. The rape case in which Nithyananda is the principal accused is pending before the Third Additional District and Session Court in Ramanagara, Karnataka.

Hinduism at the fulcrum of this nation

As per the official website, Kailasa has been described as a “nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries”.


So, how can you become a citizen of this country?

Simple – you need to be a “practicing Hindu” or a “Hindu who would like to deepen their practice”. Also, the nation offers a “safe haven to all the world’s practicing, aspiring or persecuted Hindus…where they can peacefully live and express their spirituality, arts, and culture free from denigration, interference, and violence

The powerful government

Led by the Supreme Pontiff Mr. Nithyananda, the Government of Kailasa has 17 portfolios that are in place. Some of them include the Ministry of Sovereign, Dept. of State, Dept. of Housing, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Health and even Dept. of Interior. There are a couple of universities to educate yourself and to top it all, there is a ‘Nithyanandapedia’ for more information too.

Flag & Emblem

The official website mentions that ” the triangular flag with the emblem of Paramashiva and Nandi – is the State flag of the Nation of KAILASA.” It further says, “the emblem on the State Flag is that of Paramashiva and his vehicle Nandi.” The reason for selecting these symbols are also notified in the website.



The primary idea of the economy will be: “First and foremost is one where what benefits the individual benefits the greater good, and vice versa. Second is the idea of ‘non-violent money’ where value is created purely based on businesses that enrich people.

Next up, in Kailasa, “Anything that increases in value by being shared should be freely available to all e.g. education, open-source software.“This way the growth of the individual and the growth of the society is aligned.

Recently, there has been talk of the Reserve Bank of Kailasa. Basically, it is an investment vehicle to centralize Hindu devotee cash flow. This fund will attract investment from the entire Hindu community, one of the wealthiest communities in the world.


Also, the website says, ” This fund will strengthen the community by investing in things that matter to the community, in purely non-violent businesses that follow the principles of the Agamas. It will lend money to the members of the community for them to invest in non-violent businesses.”

Additional Information

  • National Flower – Lotus
  • National Tree – Banyan
  • National Bird – Sharabam
  • National Animal – Nandi
  • National Languages – English, Sanskrit & Tamil
  • Official Website –

Nithyananda & Osho

Nithyananda has almost trodden on the same lines as Osho, at least, concerning the establishment of a state or a nation. While Osho established a state/facility called Rancho Rajneesh (which was later renamed as Rajneeshapuram) in the USA, Nithyananda has formulated a ‘technical’ version of the idea. There are also plenty of other similarities such as communal leadership and internal governance policies in the creations of Osho and Nithyananda.


You can watch more details in this video 🙂


The story of Nithyananda

Self proclaimed godman accused of rape now has a micronation of his own and has a currency of its own. Bizzare but true!

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