Subramanian Swamy’s Statement On Goddess Lakshmi On Indian Currency Has Divided The Internet

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy had said he was in admiration of printing the image of deity Lakshmi on Indian currency. He believes this move could bolster the condition of the Indian economy. Call this a smart move or a gaffe, Twitter has its opinion already.

Lakshmi on currency notes?

While speaking to the reporters, Swamy claimed that if Lord Ganesha can help Indonesia in their financial rise, then lord Laxmi can blossom the Indian currency. Well, it’s unclear about the concept behind his statement but Mr. Swamy has a lot of trouble coming his way.


source: moneycontrol

The 80-year old’s statement soon reached up with criticisms. Netizens went all out over the BJP leader and questioned his comprehension.

Some were also favoring his idea and suggested him to become the next Financial Minister 



Swamy was speaking to reporters on Tuesday night after addressing a lecture series titled ‘Swami Vivekananda Vyakhyanmala’ in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district.

A clever reporter asked him that which God will he choose if India will have to print God on the currency note like Indonesia? Responding to it, Swamy said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi can answer this question. I am in favor (of this). Lord Ganesha removes obstacles.”

“I fairly say that a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on currency notes may improve the condition of Indian currency. Nobody should feel bad about this.” Here is what he said.