Nirbhaya’s Mother On Deferring Convicts’ Execution: Our Entire System Supports Criminals

source: thehindu

Nirbhaya case prime victim Akshay Thakur, 31, Pawan Gupta, 25, Vinay Sharma, 26, and Mukesh Singh, 32 were supposed to be hanged on Tuesday at 6 am in sentenced to one of the most terrible crimes in recent years. However, the Delhi court suspended the execution of the death penalty in the case of further orders.

Courts defer execution 

Yesterday, the Delhi court refused to hold, yet again, the execution of the four Nirbhaya case convicts over curative Plea. Thereby, Pawan’s curative petition was rejected by the Supreme Court, which marked the end of all legal options before the convicts.


However, the convict, had one option to move a fresh application before the lower court, on Monday, asking to stop 3rd March execution on grounds that his mercy plea was still pending.

So as per the law Pawan promptly filing a mercy petition with President Ram Nath Kovind; even if it is rejected, the law says the convict can be hanged only after 14 days.

Meanwhile, the court had no choice but to pass the order on Pawan’s plea seeking to stay the execution as he has filed a mercy petition before the President on Monday.


Nirbhaya’s mother still fights for justice 

Nirbhaya’s mother broke down and alleged that the entire system supported the criminals.

“Why is the court exercising so much time to perform its order to execute the convicts? Repeated delaying of the execution shows the failure of our system. Our entire system encourages criminals,” Asha Devi said.

source: twitter

It is not the first time the convicts got away with the dates, it is the third the convicts are able to delay their final fate.


Time and again Asha Devi had lost hope but someday the convicts will be hanged no matter what will develop.

“I lose hope every day but I stand tall. They would have to be hanged. There could not have been a worse case than Nirbhaya but still, I am struggling to get justice. The courts are sitting and watching the drama,” she added.