“Mamata Banerjee Doesn’t Deserve To Be CM”: Nirbhaya’s Mother

Responding to Mamata Banerjee’s comment on the Nadia rape case of a minor girl, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said Mamata Banerjee does not deserve to be the CM if she made such comments.

Mamata questions the rape

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee earlier commented on the rape case of a minor girl in Nadia district in which she appeared to have questioned the rape itself.


She said, “This story they are showing that a minor has died due to rape, Will you call it rape? Was she pregnant or had a love affair? Have they enquired? I have asked the police. They have made arrests. I was told the girl had an affair with the boy.”

“It was a love affair and that’s confirmed as the family was aware of it. If a couple is in a relationship, can I stop it? This is not UP, we don’t do Love Jihad here. This is their personal freedom. But if there are any misdeeds, police will arrest the culprits. One suspect has been arrested already,” Mamata adds.

Mamata doesn’t deserve to be the CM

Responding to her statments, Nirbhaya’s (2012 Delhi gang-rape victim) mother said, “She does not deserve the CM post if she is making such comments about a victim who has been violated. Such comments encourage crimes like this, it impacts the victims and encourages people who commit such crimes. Such politicians just care for their vote banks,” she said.


“Being a woman, if she is making such comments, it does not suit the post that she is holding,” she adds.

“On April 4, my daughter went to a birthday party at the invitation of Samar Goala’s son. They dropped my daughter off at 7.30 in the evening. I was not at home but my wife was there. She told me one woman and two men had come to drop my daughter off. We didn’t know them. We only knew our daughter went to Samar Goala’s house for his son’s birthday party,” said the victim’s father.

He added, “She was bleeding after she came back from that party. In the wee hours the next morning, as her condition deteriorated, we went out looking for a doctor. By the time we came back, she had died. She was raped by Samar Goala’s son. My daughter and that boy were in a love relationship.”


“They took my daughter to that birthday party around 4 pm. Samar Goala’s son raped my daughter. Those who came to leave her that evening threatened us with torching our house if we opened our mouths. Which is why we didn’t say anything. But now I am demanding punishment,” the victim’s mother said.