Mirabai Chanu Finally Gets Home After 2 Years. Welcome Home Champion!

Mirabai Chanu became an overnight sensation with her fabulous performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Well,her victory came within a single day but the lift was a result of extreme hard work and perseverance of 5 years after she suffered an unbearable loss at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Chanu’s silver was accepted by all the Indian’s whole-heartedly and in no time she was entitled the tag of India’s iron lady for slaying poverty and struggles; which eventually led her to reach these heights of fame and an impeccable space in the history of India.


Chanu finally gets home

Her arrival in India was celebrated with a great bang across the country and people enveloped her with appreciation and blessings.Before returning to India Chanu did say that the first thing she will do is to meet her parents as she didn’t go home for more than 2 years due to strict schedule and training.

But finally,the wonder girl gets home and shares the moments with Netizens via a twitter post, where she is seen alongside her parents and whole family.She captioned it saying that;”This feeling of meeting my family after a long span of 2 years is beyond words. I’m grateful to each one of you for showing faith in me and supporting me. Thank you, Ema and baba for all the sacrifices you made for me to reach this level.”

She has been really active on Twitter after returning back home and recent posts of hers has been gaining a lot of attention.This post with her family has gotten viral and has gathered more than 56,000 likes, and the numbers are quickly increasing.


Here look at some of the tweets where people praised chanu for her dedication-

These are the golden days for Chanu and she takes a sigh of relief as she no longer needs to be on the line of poverty.Her name will be stamped in the elite class of Indian athletes who lived for our country.Kudos, to this young champion from Manipur!