A Heart Melting Show From A Junior Mirabai : This is Pure Gold

mirabai chanu

Mirabai’s stupendous performance in the Tokyo Olympics has been an inspiration for many across the country and everyone is celebrating her success in their own way.

Meanwhile an adorable video popped up recently where a little girl picks up the heavy weight after seeing Mirabai Chanu on TV.The video was shared by Indian weightlifter Satish Shivalingam on Twitter and captioned the mimicking video as “inspiration”.


In the video one can see a little girl lifting weights and imitating Chanu as if she received the medal on the Olympic stage and on the background of the video; the historic moment was taking place where Chanu was actually lifting the weights.

Satish Shivalingam’s tweet

Twitter was in abuzz with comments and tweets on this video.The video was so cute that even Chanu could not resist sharing it and currently the video got more than 3 lakh views. Along with Chanu,people are now adoring this junior Mirabai and wishing her a bright future.The video was shared by many famous personalities and Shivalingam has been winning twitterati’s hearts.


Here’s looks at some interesting tweets on this video :

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu’s tweet

No doubt that Chanu’s silver medal victory will motivate the younger generations to pursue weightlifting and win medals for India.It had been just two days since her performance and such cute shows are flowing through the media; Hopefully a brighter future awaits for India in the future Olympics.