If You Are From Northeast, You Can Become Indian Only When You Win A Medal: Ankita

milin soman wife on northeast

Is this Unity in diversity? Asks Milind Soman’s wife

Milind Soman’s wife and fitness enthusiast Ankita Konwar shared a fearless and progressive thought on social media saying that Northeast people are credited only when they win the medals; otherwise they are harassed and treated inhumanely.

She shared this message via her instagram post where she said; If you’re from Northeast India, you can become an Indian ONLY when you win a medal for the country. Otherwise we are known as ‘’Chinky’ ‘Chinese’ ‘Nepali’ or a new addition ‘corona’.


“India is not just infested with casteism but racism too. Speaking from my experience. #Hypocrites,” she added.

Konwar shared this message after the incredible victory of Mirabai Chanu in the Tokyo Olympics. Wherein no time Chanu became the darling of Indian athletics; Ankita took on social media with her post where she called people hypocrites citing crimes & harassments against Nort-east Indians.


It’s a common dilemma among many people in our country to look at these Northeasterners in a weird way for their resemblance with other races. It’s really disheartening to see such treatments in a country which claims to have unity in diversity and equal rights for all.

Ankita’s post resonated with her fans who also expressed their discontent over the issue in the comments section. “It’s really sad and depressing, that despite of having such a diverse culture, we lack basic humanitarian things,” said one user while another wrote, “Absolutely Ma’am even I am an Assamese know this things very well.”

Two women harassed in Delhi

Last week, two women from Northeast India were harassed by a group of men in New Delhi’s Hauz Khas village. The women later uploaded a video narrating their ordeal and also captured the men who misbehaved with him.


As per the women, after things shut down due to lockdown restrictions, two men came up to one of the girls and asked for their “rate”. Despite being called as the civilized community, such incidents highlights the menace of racism against the Northeast people in India.

Criticising Ankita for her marriage with an old man

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar tied the knot in 2018. The couple has an age gap of 26 years and was subjected to immense trolling at the time of their marriage.But, she is a brave woman and gave befitting replies several times for all the trolls she received. She never budged or kept
quiet against criticism and always shares her thoughts publicly on social media.

Infact its a no wonder that,when these celebrities are getting trolled based on their cast and race; What would be the condition at the grassroot level of a common Northeast Indian..?
This is not what it means to make a new India! #Lets_break_the_stereotypes.