‘Not Mrs Milind Soman’: Ankita Konwar Corrects The User After Her Tweet On Northeast Racism

“We are known as “Chinky” “Chinese” “Nepali” or a new one “Corona”. India is not just invaded by casteism but racism too.” – Ankita wrote.

Fitness Enthusiast Ankita Konwar hit the news on Social media post her tweet saying Northeast people are seen as Indian only when they win Medal for the country. The tweet came days after Mirabai Chanu won a Silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics in Weightlifting. This invited many opinions from people on the Internet. However, Ankita had quite a comeback ready when she was called ‘Mrs Milind’ on Instagram by a user.


Ankita, who hails from Guwahati, Assam, wrote “If you are from Northeast India you can become an Indian only when you win a medal for the country.”

She further wrote, “Otherwise we are known as “Chinky” “Chinese” “Nepali” or a new one “Corona”.

Reacting to Ankita’s tweet, one user wrote, “Very negative approach… at least not expected from Mrs Milind.”

Ankita’s tweet received several reactions from the Twitterati. One user said, “Not sure if I should like this message as I am ashamed of this fact, discrimination is part of our culture,” to which Ankita said, “Realising it actually covers the basics.” “Yes in general, you are right. But there are lot of us here who think everyone from Nagaland to Mumbai & from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is a proud Indian irrespective of their religion, caste & colour. Cheers,” another user said. “And that’s how we become a country!” she replied.


Ankita, who is a fitness enthusiast, has often called out racism against people from Northeast. In an earlier note, she had written, “I have personally experienced these little “differences” that certain people or situations make you feel. But do we give in or keep fighting? I haven’t given up the hope that one day, we will be accepted and loved exactly the way we are by our brothers and sisters. One day, we have more representations to look up to. One day, we have equal opportunities when it comes to infrastructures and accessibility. One day, we are no longer sidelined. One day, we are all equally Indians.”

Who is Ankita Konwar?

Ankita Konwar’s real name is Sunkusmita Konwar. She is a senior flight attendant and now actor Milind Soman’s wife. She is also a sportswoman who completed her first 10k marathon with boyfriend Milind Soman in 2015. Ankita and Milind Soman tied the knot in 2018 in an intimidate wedding ceremony in Alibaug, on April 22, 2018. In February 2018, she left her job as a senior fight attendant.

The couple came into the limelight due to the major age difference between them. Ever since Soman went public with his relationship with Konwar, social media has been abuzz discussing their love life. Konwar was criticised a lot in the news and social media due to her affair with Milind who is almost 26 years older than her.