Master Move By Modi: Trump Says India Could Have Early Access to COVID-19 Vaccines


In the latest interview with Fox, United States President Donald Trump has said that, if his country develops vaccines to the COVID-19 virus, India could have early access to it. He said this after PM Narendra Modi accepted his request for the sale of Hydroxychloroquine to the US.

The Hydroxychloroquine Drama!

Earlier this month, Donald Trump, in a statement, hoped that India would sell the anti-malarial drug to the US. A few days later, after no further development was made in the matter, Trump warned India of retaliation if the country failed to fulfill US’s order for the drug tablets. A few hours later, PM Modi permitted the sale of the drug to the powerful nation.

However, ever since Modiji’s decision, reactions to the move have been underwhelming. Most of the opposition leaders were of the opinion that the drug must have been prioritized for the citizens of the nation.

Also, it has to be noted here that India also had requests from its neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Nepal for the in-demand drug. Yesterday, President of Brazil wrote a letter to PM Modi asking him for the hydroxychloroquine tablets. He even quoted Hindu Epic Ramayan in the letter.

PM Modi

Mr. Modi’s masterstroke!

Going by Donald Trump’s statement, it was indeed a decent decision by Mr. Modi to permit the drug-sale. If the United States at all invents a cure for the disease, India will be in the front part of the queue to have access to the solution.