Man Who Opened Fire On Delhi Police During Anti-CAA Protest Identified As Shahrukh, Detained By Cops

source: twitter

On a bizarre incident, a man opened fire at police staff during an incident of violence in North East Delhi. The accuse has now been identified as Shahrukh, Delhi Police said. In a Riot like situation, many civilians are reported to have lost their lives

According to the cops, Shahrukh was wearing a red t-shirt and was armed with a gun. He was seen daring a Delhi Police officer, threatening him and forcing him to back away with his hands raised before firing frequently into the air.

source: twitter

The police were able to detain him and identified him as Shahrukh, 33.

In a short video shared on twitter, shows an eyewitness standing on the roof of a nearby building, a lone officer – who appears to be dressed in riot equipment – is standing in the middle of the main street as the gunman and at least six others approach him.

As Shahrukh points his gun at him, the police officer slowly reverses, holding his hands away from his body to show he is defenseless. The gunman then walks right up to the police officer and elbows him away before firing in the air once more.

After his arrest, the legal process to register a First Information Report (FIR) against him under the Arms Act started last, the police said.

The horrific incident emitted during clashes over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Delhi has reported civilians losing their lives in various areas in similar confrontations. Not to ignore, five people, including a cop, were also killed and nearly 100 were injured in Monday’s unusual violence in multiple areas in northeast Delhi.



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