Pets To Be Banned In Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park From July 1st, Animal Lovers Object

Pet lovers in the Bengaluru city are protesting against the Horticulture Department which has lately decided to invoke a ban on pet animals in Cubbon Park from July 1st.

Pets To Be Banned

In a controversial decision, the horticulture department has placed a proposal banning the entry of pet dogs into Bengaluru’s Cubbon Park. With this, pet owners and dog lovers from the city voiced their strong objection to the move by the horticulture department and called it a ‘harsh decision’, said a report.


The proposal to ban pets comes after more than 300 complaints of violations of guidelines in the parks and gardens. Many walkers and joggers complained that the dogs were allowed to roam freely posing threat to others.

However, the proposal has not gone well with pet lovers who visit the park. In a campaign launched on, more than 5,250 people have demanded the withdrawal of the proposal immediately.

The petition

The petition started by The CJ Memorial Trust, Bengaluru, an organization that fights for the rights of animals says, “Today, pet parents were stunned when a few security personnel said dogs would be banned at Cubbon Park from 1st July. We hear that due to many irresponsible pet parents lack of leashing in public areas, and not picking up poop, etc.”


“The Cubbon Park Canines and relentless volunteers at Cubbon Dog Park have done EVERYTHING to educate and influence uncivic pet parents to follow these rules. We realize we are as strong as our weakest link, and so we have TRIED our best. Posters, Wall of Shame, social media Messaging, etc. Why punish the good pet parents, the poor pet dogs, and where will they now go? Petizens are heartbroken.”

The trust has also written to the principal secretary of the department of horticulture and sericulture.

“In addition, while we do categorically agree that a few irresponsible pet parents who choose not to leash the dogs or pick up poop need to be addressed, the majority of responsible and civic-minded pet parents should not have to suffer for the sins of a few. For example for the one person who does not mask up, or litters, spits or urinates in public, we can’t ban all people. We are happy to collaboratively work with you as we always have, e.g. by defining certain dog-free spaces etc. We completely agree that the duties and rights of dog lovers go hand in hand,” said the letter.


The Horticulture department

Meanwhile, the deputy director of the Horticulture department (Cubbon Park), HT Balakrishna, speaking to the media, said, “Since last year, many members requested to ban entry of pet dogs in Cubbon Park. On June 14, it was decided to create awareness about the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Board of India and the Department of Animal Husbandry for pet dogs’ owners.”

“We placed banners, displaying the guidelines. But around 30% of owners won’t follow guidelines. So, people made the request. Now, the government considering banning pet dogs’ entry from July 1, but the final decision is yet to be taken,” he added.