“Delhi Isn’t Gotham City”: Trinamool Congress Spokesperson On Mayor’s Meat Ban Order

The forced shutting down of meat shops in South Delhi during the Hindu festival of Navratri has raised a lot of debates regarding what people should eat and what they shouldn’t.

Meat Ban

A Trinamool Congress spokesperson, in a letter to the Municipal Commissioner of South Delhi, said ‘The forced shutting down of meat shops in South Delhi during the Hindu festival of Navratri is “completely and absolutely illegal’


Saket Gokhale, National Spokesperson for All India Trinamool Congress, demanded an immediate restrain on the ban on meat shops.

The controversy took place after South Delhi Mayor Mukesh Suryan announced that meat shops under his civic body should be shut during the “auspicious period of Navratri devoted to Goddess Durga”. This move has evolved into a massive controversy with many calling it unfair, and even communal.

Referring to a fictional city in Batman

“Delhi isn’t Gotham City,” Saket Gokhale tweeted, in a reference to the fictional city in Batman comic books.


Going by the news that said meat shops in various parts of Delhi were being forced to shut, Gokhale said that the mayor does not have any executive power to order the shutting down of shops.

“May I take this opportunity to remind you that, as Commissioner, you are the sole executive authority in charge of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Closure of any shops (meat or otherwise) can only be ordered for health/safety/other valid reasons,” he said in the letter.

Previously, the South Delhi Mayor had said that the decision was taken keeping in mind “the sentiments of Delhiites”.


“People complained to me. The fasting people were facing problems over the cutting of meat in the open. This is not a violation of anyone’s personal liberty,” Suryan said.

Following the ban, several meat shop owners in these areas of the national capital kept their establishments closed yesterday, fearing action by officials.