Mallika Biryani Express Is A Place You Should Visit in the City For An Early Morning Weekend Biryani

mallika biryani

Established in 2015, the Mallika Biryani Express in Bangalore is just the perfect location that can satiate all your cravings for delicious food. From serving some of the most appreciated cuisines to ensuring that the traditional taste is never compromised for the conventional ways of cooking, this Biryani Center at Byrathi No. 1 is an evergreen walk-in eating venue.

Mallika Biryani Offers Great Food Experience

The highly palatable food is available in various services including Take Away, and Home Delivery and is open all through the functional hours.

This simple yet elegant restaurant without any elaborate names for its dishes or some frills to the menu sells some of the best mutton chops, mutton biryanis, mutton liver, mutton boti, mutton curry, Mudde, and white rice.

So, you have just the right combination of mutton curries and chops to blend with the exotic biryanis that retain the age-old smoky flavor that you get when cooked on firewood. With the Ragi balls, Raitha, and gravies, the entire menu is just ideal if you are looking for a complete meal at lunch.

The place can accommodate only 20 people at one time and is open only from 11.30 am to 3 pm. So, please plan your group visits accordingly.  

Mallika Offers Exclusive Naati-Style Biryani

The highlight at this center is naati style mutton biryani which is downright excellent and the only specialty here. But it is certainly worth trying. The biryani is extremely spicy, well cooked and can be tried as a Sunday breakfast meal as the center opens at 7.30 am on Sundays.

Other specialties you must try are the spicy mutton chops and the fried mutton Boti. Both the chops and the boti taste awesome and sort of refreshes your taste buds.

mallika biryani

Ambiance-wise it is not a place where you can go with a family or take your girlfriend to. Seating is restricted and the entire setup though conventional do not match the ‘cool’ concept of eating out currently prevalent in metros like Bengaluru.

But it is ideal for those who love to explore different tastes of biryanis and do not worry much about the surroundings. Mallika Biryani Center has some restrictions when it comes to making payment. They do not accept cards or Paytm. So make sure that you are carrying enough cash prior to walking into this biryani center.

Is It Worth A Visit? 

Since the place is just ahead of SSR Engineering College on the right-hand side, it is near enough for the short eating break for students.

So, for a pure biryani lover, Mallika Biryani Center is certainly worth a visit. But for those who give equal emphasis on hygiene, ambiance and other facilities like payment options and seating arrangements, the place may not instigate the same response.   

mallika biryani

Open: 11:30 AM – 3 PM and 7:30 AM – 3 PM On Sundays

Where: Near SSR College, Bileshivale Main Rd, Bileshivale, Bengaluru




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