K’taka BJP MLA Masala Jayaram Hosts Lavish Birthday Party For Over 100 Guests


In an act of massive disrespect to the several sectors of the society trying hard to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Karnataka BJP MLA Masala Jayaram hosted a massive party on his birthday, in which over a 100 guests had attended. This act is a sheer violation of the lockdown and the social-distancing norms imposed within the country.

Country Under Lockdown

On March 24th, PM Modi announced a 21-day nation-wide lockdown, to curb the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic within the country. As the country sees its cases rise above 5000, concerns are already developing if the lockdown would be extended further.


In this situation, it is an act of recklessness that the Karnataka BJP MLA hosted a ‘party’, especially after the country had faced the brunt of a large gathering in the form of the Tablighi Jamaat conference.

PM Modi (1)
Courtesy: Siasat Daily

Masala Jayaram’s party had close to 100 guests

On his birthday, the Turuvekere MLA threw a lavish party, in which over 100 guests attended. The ‘party’ was at his residence. The attendees had reportedly been served biryani at the party. The entire act was illegal and against the social-distancing norms currently being undertaken by almost every citizen of the country.

India has already faced the brunt of Large Social Gatherings

The Tablighi Jamaat conference, held in March, has been responsible for the spike in cases of COVID-19 in the country. In the wake of this, the least expectation from our elected representatives would be to refrain from such activities. However, after the Dadarao Keche incident in Maharashtra a few days ago, Masala Jayaram has also entered the ‘offenders’ list with his latest act.


Source: Times Of India