Khasagi Putagalu Movie Review: Loads of potential but misses the mark!

The Kannada Film Industry has been in good form in recent months. Hence, every offering by Sandalwood is glimpsed with a lot of curiosity. Khasagi Putagalu is one movie that had built a good buzz. Directed by Santhosh Srikantappa and featuring Vishwa RN, LeonillaDSouza, and Chethan Durga amongst others, KhasagiPutagalu hit the screens last Friday. Here, we take a look at the film’s review:

Old premise but a solid one

The film occurs in two timelines and they are displayed in parallel. Surya and Bhoomi are in love and are all set to take their relationship further after college. However, the bus on which Bhoomi is traveling meets with an accident and Surya concludes that Bhoomi is dead.


Surya then enters the collapse mode and takes a while to get back to normalcy. However, Bhoomi returns to him after a while. There are a lot of misunderstandings in between that trigger the core conflict of the film. Some of these situations could have worked out a few years ago but in the current era, the audience is smart and might lose their interest soon. Nevertheless, the makers did make an effort to make the proceedings appear fresh with their treatment.

For the genre lovers, Khasagi Putagalu will be a good watch

Khasagi Putagalu mostly has debutantes in the lead roles. For newcomers, the story seems apt and they have done a decent job. The director could have handled the story better but, to an extent, he makes amends with the drama that he adds.

Cinematography, especially in scenic locations, leaves a good flavor for the audience to enjoy. Music by Vasuki Vaibhav is good and adds depth to the proceedings. Overall, for lovers of this genre, the film can be a decent watch.