Fans Re-create ‘Navarasam’ and ‘Varaha Roopam’ MASHUP Song That Will Just ‘Blow Your Mind’

After winning the legal battle in the Kerala court the divine song Varaha Roopam is back on theaters and OTT platforms. Now, fans have created a new kind of song by merging the Kantara song with Thaikkudam Bridge’s song Navarasam.

The legal battle 

A controversy emerged after Thaikkudam Bridge, a popular Kerala-based band, accused the Kantara’s makers of plagiarising the song ‘Varaha Roopam’ from the band’s official song ‘Navarasa’. In October, the Kozhikode Sessions court passed an injunction order, which banned ‘Varaha Roopam’ from being streamed on Amazon, YouTube, Spotify, Wynk Music, JioSaavn, and OTT platforms without Thaikkudam Bridge’s permission.


However, on November 25, the Kozhikode court returned the plea — filed by Thaikkudam Bridge — citing lack of jurisdiction. Following the judgment, the song was brought back again, fans were rejoicing the win.

A new Remix

Now, a new kind of song is trending on Youtube where both Varaha Roopam and Navarasam have been combined and it sounds amazing.

Reacting to the music, one fan wrote, “I am not from Karnatak or Kerala. These two songs are masterpieces. Out of the world. Will be derogatory to compare both. Just listen and go into trance. Credit goes to both. Outstanding music at its peak. Never heard this.


Another one wrote, “Not getting into so much technicalities, as a listener, I sense emotions of “Bhakti” in Kantara while “Karuna” Navarasam!”

“Thanks for this mashup. I initially felt both the songs were alike but as I listen more, I realise although they have some instrumental similarities, the songs as such sound definitely different,” the third one wrote.

Here’s the video: