Kantara Hindi Chasing 1000% Returns, Only Film To Do So After The Kashmir Files

It’s already more than a month after its release, and Kantara is still refusing to slow down at the box office. Now, the film is enjoying a historic run, and even after 48 days, it’s hard to predict when its theatrical run will finish. The latest update is about the film’s Hindi version which is aiming to do the unthinkable with 1000% returns.

Kantara’s 1000% returns

After the much-loved KGF franchise, this Rishab Shetty flick has turned out to be a milestone success in the Hindi market. It has taken the Sandalwood industry to a new height. In terms of profit-making, the distributors, exhibitors, and investors have hit the jackpot as the film is on its way to raking in a profit of 1000%.


Kantara (Hindi) has so far earned 76 crores nett. The breakeven for the film is 7.50 crores, so the returns stand at a whopping 68.50 crores. In percentage, the returns stand at a huge 913.33%, and the film is expected to hit 1000% very soon. If this happens, this Rishab Shetty directorial will create history by becoming the only Hindi film to earn 1000% profit after The Kashmir Files. TKF had made returns of 1162% in its theatrical run.

It is nearing to enter into the 8th week and still continues to spell magic at the box office. Even after over one month’s run, the film is still raking in moolah week in and week out. It will easily cross the 400 crores gross milestone before debuting on the OTT.

The box office run

Surprisingly, it has brought in 37.8 L from the advance sales of tickets for day 48, it sold the most no. of tickets in Hindi, followed by Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. Kantara has sold over 25700 tickets for 7th Wed in advance.


As per the trade estimations, Kantara collects in the range of 1.40-1.44 Cr on day 48 (Wed) to take its total collections over 293.5 crores+, nett in India. Talking about the box office worldwide, Kantara is now 20-25 crores away to cross the 400 crore milestone.