KGF: Chapter 2 Promotion On The Sea, Twitter Looks Surprised

The team of KGF: Chapter 2 is leaving no stones unturned when it comes to promoting their forthcoming venture. In a strange incident, witnessed in Mumbai, a big boat carried a huge poster of KGF: Chapter 2 in the middle of the sea.

KGF 2 promotion 

As the countdown for the grand release of ‘K.G.F: Chapter 2’ continues, the team has been going full-steam with nationwide promotions. To make things more special, the KGF team headed to Bollywood town for a grand media event. From posters to movie banners Rocking Star Yash is all over the city.


KGF: Chapter 2 will witness Rocky Bhai’s quest for the ultimate throne forge a newer and deadlier path as he comes face-to-face with Adheera (played by Sanjay Dutt).

Adheera ruling the oceans

Meanwhile, a surprising event has been encountered, reportedly from Mumbai’s coastal area. A big boat is seen carrying a big poster of KGF: Chapter 2 in the middle of the sea.

The poster includes Adheera who appears to be in his Viking avatar, carrying a gun alongside his army.


A Twitter user shares the picture which was taken during the sunset. He writes, “When the sun sets, Adheera rises!!”

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